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BPT Chairman Louis Deliss on 2006 annual visit to Palawan, with Dr Jose Socrates during a community outreach visit finds 13-yr old Lee with a congenital anomaly in her home.   She has a most unusual effect with tethering of the Hallux to a mid-calf constriction band.  Note that the constriction bands also affected both hands although her hand function was very good.


Lee came to the hospital in April and in the operating theatre local anaesthetic was injected.

Then whilst she watched Soc performed the operation to separate her toe from her shin.  She had some fixed deformity after that required serial casting.

Lee walking in her final cast at three months post-op.  She gained in confidence during her treatment and was able to attend school throughout.

Photos by Cecile Socrates

P.S.  If anyone can explain the high incidence of Constriction Band Syndrome in Palawan please let me know.  Louis Deliss.

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